- About The Brand -

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5 years ago Steeve Betsy fell off a ladder whilst painting and damaged his back. Fortunately it wasn't catastrophic but enough to leave him laid up for several days. 

He had overstretched and wasn’t holding onto the ladder correctly due to holding a paint pot in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.

This accident could have been catastrophic if he hadn’t have been so lucky to have landed on a large plant pot that took the impact of his fall.

Too many ladder accidents end in severe injuries and even fatalities. Steeve is just one of the 460 victims a year that this happens too, with an average of 9 of these ending in a fatality.

So, Steeve along with his wife Emma invented a solution that both men and women could use to make DIY projects safer and easier…


The Betsy Mate


This Patented and design protected tool consists of several unique features.

  • A curved back to fit the contours of the body

  • Clips to secure a paintbrush for left or right-handed

  • Feathered grippers to hold paint pot securely

  • Adjustable belt with safety clip buckle, And clear, reusable paint pot with lid and handle

Our company, the Betsy Group (UK) Ltd strive to invent and produce unique decorating and DIY products to make tasks safer, faster and whole lot easier for all our customers.